Design Portfolio

Residential Design Portfolio

Contemporary Residence
This complex contemporary home allowed us to explore and expand the architectural vocabulary traditionally used for residences. The home represents a successful collaboration between a willing owner, a creative Architect and a skilled contractor. This type of team approach is precisely what we strive for with each project that we complete. As we present the owner with innovative and creative options, we provide design solutions that will address the owner’s specific needs and requests. In this case we were also aware of the incredible site opportunities that were presented.

Log Home Residence
This rustic home is another residential building type that we have provided design services for. This log home has a very complex structural system that allows the traditional forms of the home to be maintained, while eliminating walls to open the floor plan to meet the owner’s request for massive living spaces indoors.

Traditional Residence
This home is located and designed to address the specific nature of the site. The slope, the sunlight and the views are all to the south of the home. The floor plan as well as the window patterns were developed to allow each room within, to have maximum daylight from the south and shelter from the north. The windows and siding also respond to the traditional craftsman style that the home replicates.

Residential Addition
This home has a growing family that needed more space. We investigated two options with the client to either build out into the backyard or to build up to add a much needed 500 sq. ft.. Through a careful cost estimating process it was more cost effective to build up because of the existing site conditions and landscaping that added great value to the home. Through careful space planning of the interiors and window placement one would never know an addition was ever added.

Residential Addition with Pre-Cast Concrete Walls
This energy conscious owner wanted an economical system for an addition to their home consisting of a master bedroom suite on first floor as well as an office. By using EPS forms filled with concrete the home will have a higher R value as well as a larger thermal mass.

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